Panic Mode

Please excuse me if this is in the manual!

Is there a MIDI panic mode for the Shruthi that resets all MIDI for cases where one might get a stuck note?

My synth (I love it) sometimes gets a bit overwhelmed and on occasion holds a note, the only way to stop it, is to turn the unit off. This happens when using my DAW (Logic Pro latest version) and when using my Arturia beatstep sequencer.

Any help appreciated!

No, sorry, there’s no panic mode.

The Beatstep has caused similar issues with me on other synthesizers. Not on the Shruthi. Mostly my K4r. I find that re-sending the note that is stuck will un-stick it.
As far as DAW integration, you should be able to send a sequencer off message, mine is assigned to space on my computer keyboard for easy access, to clear up any stuck notes. You may have to send it twice.

Or you can send the Midi Machine Control for “stop”.

Finally, you can use your forearms to press all of the keys on a keyboard at once. That is usually programmed for sending an “all notes off” message on many synthesizers.

Is this an issue that happens when the Beatstep is connected directly to the Shruthi with MIDI? If it is, the most likely cause are the continual after touch messages sent by multiple pads at all times. That is what causes most of my stuck note issues.
If it is your DAW, make sure you have appropriate buffer settings for your computer and hardware. If a buffer of 10 to 20 mS clears up the issue, you can then work on finding the optimal buffer time for your set up.

Thank you for the advice and replies!

The problem mainly occurs when using the Beatstep. If I get a stuck note in Logic I simply click the MIDI activity display on the control bar, and it sends a full MIDI reset, solving the problem.

I cannot programme for toffee, but I wonder if it would be possible to programme the chip with a ‘reset’ or ‘panic mode’?

> but I wonder if it would be possible to programme the chip with a ‘reset’ or ‘panic mode’?

Yes. But it’ll be tough to find a combination of buttons that isn’t already used for something on the Shruthi :slight_smile:

Yeah, that sounds about right. If you are getting a stuck note on the Shruthi, you can try going to another patch, then back to the one you are using. Another option is to send the test note by holding down the first and sixth button for a few seconds, then turning the note off with the same procedure.

Can you confirm that re sending the stuck note to the synthesizer from the Beatstep in Controller mode does not fix the issue?

Just to be clear as to what it happening: The Beatstep is not sending the proper note off message because the continuous aftertouch takes priority over the note on/off messages. Sending the same note again should cause the note off message to be sent properly. Unless you get really unlucky and it does it twice in a row.

Again, thank you for your help guys :slight_smile:

I will try your suggestions audiohoarder, and keep an eye on the Beatstep!