Panel Overlay

Does anyone knows if there is an overlay or something for the anushri to to print-cut-put over the panel?

it could add cool design and even some helper info for those multi functions pots (1,2…).

like the monotribes’s yellow overlay:

I know it will ruin its transparent jewel panel (which I love), but could be nice

+1 for this idea!

Would be great.

I happen to have to look at the manual everytime to remind myself of the layout, particularly the bottom multi-function knobs.

I just put clear decals on mine, it’s a little ghetto but it works.

I think the beauty of the plexi case is that you can fairly easily have a new face cut that fixes the problem with the original face. Which leads to the question are there plans for the case online somewhere that can be cribbed from? I see them for the shruthi but not for the anushri but I’m not sure if I’m looking in the right place.


I wonder if sticking something like soup´s clear decals but on the pcb below the case would work.
That way, they would be protected from hands and cleaning.

Maybe if printed with some lighter color?

You could also try to mirror the writing and stick it on the inside of the case.

+1 macMOE

Print a complete transparent mirror sticker !

I’m planning on making a replacement front panel for my Anushri in the near future. I have the design complete, but I just need to finish up a few other projects first. If anyone is interested I can have some extras made. They should cost around $30 each. I can do different colors also. I’m think about doing trans gray for mine…

what are the printing options for something like this? Could you print on card stock, laminate and then cut with a exacto knife or something?

to be honest, outside of getting a hundred+ made, getting a one off laser cut panel to whatever engraving you want will cost a fraction of a decent die cut label. I went though this with x0xb0x labels and a bunch of other projects the minimum quantity cost was always too high compared to other methods. The x0x labels were $40 each and there were a hundred made, they were nice (lexan overlay etc) but $40? No way. The one off Anushri case is $35 at Ponoko with a regular (free) account, just the front panel will be ~$20 tops