Panel manufacturers in Europe

Hi guys,

I’m looking from where I could get a small batch of panels manufactured, printed on/engraved and ready to use.
Does anybody know where the MI module panels get produced, or like the ones from Grayscale around Europe?

Schaeffer Apparatebau

If you don’t mind for plexi a small run is no problem…. drop me a line.

Here’s where I have my panels made.

Not sure they deal with customers outside of France, though.

The Beast in the UK can cut aluminum too.

there is always frontpanelexpress (but probably a bit expensive) and, of course, the beast: In think the latter does the panels for Frequency Central (but not sure). you might also ask people on Muffwiggler who do small runs of aluminium panels (for example fonik), i am sure they know a few good sources.

From what i learned from the discussion about the Anushri panel: prohibitively expensive for small runs (<100 pieces), so maybe not a good first option for you.

see also:

I go for if i need alu panels. If i need plexi i ask this guy called fcd72 :wink: