'Palette' modular MIDI controller

These looks pretty fun…seems to also be marketed toward Adobe users but they have a MIDI mode for music stuff

Ohhhh makes me want to get back into photo developing just for the fun of using that!

LOL…I use illustrator a lot but I can’t really think of a use case where I would need something like that. I like the idea for music stuff though.

Was about to say the same. I’ve been working with applications like illustrator and photoshop for ages and I’ve never thought I’d need anything more than a mouse.

Well actually a dedicated keyboard type of things would be useful though. Something like they have for video editing stuff.

It’s actually quite commonly used for color grading

@rumpelfilter so you never use a graphics tablet, then?


I’m useless at color grading…I have an old wacom tablet but I think I’m pretty much the only one who could never get used to the feel of the tip of the ‘pen,’ which is far to inaccurate. A trackpad with a normal stylus works much better for me.

For video there’s a lot of specific hardware. and it totally makes sense there, since the software and hardware are often designed together as part of a system.
Colour grading is also a very task-specific thing. A software like Illustrator would need a whole table full if faders and jog wheels if you wanted to make a proper hardware interface for it.

@toneburst: I have both a “classic” wacom tablet and Cintiq (the table display), but I only use them for illustration. Especially AI is best used with a mouse for me.
One thing I never got used to are the user-definable buttons on the Wacoms… there’s just not enough of them, so you end up using the keyboard anyway… and two interfaces are more complicated than one… so I always end up using just the keyboard.

These days, a lot of pro photographers and photo editors are using game controllers to quickly sort, tag, select, and even make initial adjustments.

See here for example.

I would not say that I „need“ this, but the idea of having some real sliders and dials attached to PS sounds like a lot of fun. The bad thing about it would be: once you get used to it you can’t work without it. At least you wouldn’t want to … Ever after I had my first „multitouch“ MacBook I was lost at any other laptop. I was wiping and swiping and gesturing on the trackpad and the laptop wouldn’t even care :wink: