Painting logo and engraving

hello at all. I wanna know if any of you have tempted to do that? whats the technique you use for?? is the result good??? thanks!

Yo Flo,

you may use any kind of soft crayon, just fill the engraving and wipe off the excess paint. however you shoud first make shure that the paint is smooth and does not scratch the Plexi while wiping and polishing. There are “professional” filling paints that pretend to get hard after a while but all my samples dont…

soft crayon?? like the one for kids? like that??? sorry i can translate what a soft crayon i in french???

I used this one , borrowed from my son :wink:

The Logo engraved on the cases is supposed to be filled by white ; so white crayolas are an option. You can also fill the text with black paint like this

ok thanks, i never think a this type of crayon for doing that… it works not only with white, but red too??! by the way my new setup case, homemade with previously trashed wood:

even in silver or gold :wink:

btw, should i know the thing below the Shruthis?

who made that case for janvanvolt? That is a gorgeous case, is it from ponoko? I may just order one for my SVF!

This is from fcd72 - he sent me samples in 4 or 5 different colors but I prefered the clear one :slight_smile:

I really like that frosted one, its pretty rad.

Actually its not frosted, because the “frosted” white is only opaque on one surface, so the cutting edges are clear which looks a bit odd when seen from the side. The white one seen above is opaque white, here with “Windows” for the LEDs, but it also looks great when you install SuperNova Type ™ LEDs and let them shine thru:

Before you ask: yes, there will be a new batch of colored Cases, when im a bit better with my time, in late November/early December, so everyone can have a new Case for xMas…

We call what fcd is suggesting - pencil crayons.
Colored pencils. Conté crayons?
un crayon de bois / ou / un crayon à papier