Package stuck somewhere

According to the tracking service, my kit is “in the destination country” as of 11/20. Does anyone know if this means it’s in customs, or it’s being held for some reason? Any other USA people receive their kits yet? I’m starting to get nervous, not to mention the excitement is killing me.

Mine read the same thing, arrived a few days later. Surprisingly fast delivery to be honest.

Thanks for the affirmation. Maybe due to the holiday here, things got pushed back. I’ll hold tight and hope it doesn’t stay in parcel purgatory much longer. It did ship a little over 2 weeks ago, hence my worry.

yeah, I thought USPS would have the tracking info available, they did not… which is odd, when I get stuff from china, or korea, as soon as it goes through customs, I can track it through USPS.

it will be delivered by USPS anyway, but you should have it by now… the holiday should only add a few days to the shipping.

I spoke with Olivier and figured out the source of the issue: shipping and billing addresses were switched. It’s more complicated than that, but things are being sorted out. He’s pretty awesome (obviously).

I’m just dying to get my hands on this thing! I can’t get enough of the samples/videos. I haven’t been this excited since I bought my monome kit earlier this year.

I’d like a monome, those things are freaking expensive though