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Hi ! I start with eurorack and I have a plaits and a clouds and I would like to output the sound in the input of my analog four / sound card. But it has been explained to me that the Eurorack has delivered too much dbu to a line and I have been advised to buy a release module, the befaco output V3. But did I understand that a attenuator or a mixer can also do the trick and can be cheaper? In your opinion you will go on what? a attenuator? mixer? or exit module? and which one? Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Many sound cards can accept modular levels if you turn their input gain to the minimum. Give it a try, it won’t damage the soundcard, at worst you’ll get clipping.

A cheap passive attenuator is enough.


I think @pichenettes means to say adjust the input gain to the minimum. I would try that first.

When I got my first Euro module (Clouds) I used it with my MS-20 Mini, and used the Mini’s VCA to attenuate Clouds output into an amplifier I was using. It worked great!

Now I use the Make Noise Rosie as an easy output module and basic mixer, although I suspect that going straight in might yield a potentially “better” character to the sound. In my case, the Rosie solves a few performance issues neatly, as most venues can easily accommodate a line level out. I do also travel with a Radial DI box that I use to send a balanced XLR to the soundboard, which has always been appreciated.

Prior to getting Rosie, I used Veils to attenuate my output, which worked well and has the additional benefits of mixing, and being an excellent quad VCA.

Try the modified above recommendations first though. Good luck!

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Ok because I haven’t yet test in the analog four, I was afraid to burn the input … But I saw that the analog four accept 19 Dbu input and someone tell me that the eurorack deliver 13 Dbu so normally it’s largely good but as I’m not sure I didn’t try: /

If I plug it into the input of the analog four and I minimize the input gain the result will not be that I have a very low volume?

But with a simple attenuator, could I plug my headphones directly into eurorack too?
I will first test your advice and then think of going on a release output module than an attenuator, What is the big difference between rosie and befaco?

The main reason why you wouldn’t want to plug in your headphones directly into Eurorack modules (let’s say a copy of a VCA’s output) is that Headphones expect a stereo signal. In fact the mono signal that’s supplied by your output would only play on one side of your headphones (when i plug my headphones directly into a VCO only the left speaker receives the signal, think it also depends on the headphones and the impedance [?] if they can be driven anyway?).

Main differences MN vs Befaco Output V3
– one cable for both outputs L&R vs two outputs, L&R seperately
– unbalanced vs balanced
– send/return vs cue in

You can’t plug headphones into any eurorack module except dedicated headphone amps.

The fact that the level (voltage) is high doesn’t mean it can drive headphones (this requires high current)

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Mmmhh i didn’t know that … And I do that regularly for checking signal path.
Is their a risk for my modules ?

I mean can I break or damage something without knowing it ?


The Analog Four is a perfect compliment to a eurorack setup. It’s exactly how I have mine setup, with the eurorack output going into the Analog Four’s audio input. It takes modular levels no problem, with no need to attenuate or minimise anything.

I went through a similar process when starting building a eurorack system. One of my first modules was an Intellijel output stage but it proved completely unnecessary. It hasn’t been in my rack since.

If you’re taking the output of Clouds, I would setup the A4’s audio input to be hard-panned left and right to preserve the stereo effect. The A4’s effects work excellently with the audio input too.


i just built a Befaco output v3, its a easy DIY kit and inexpensive. I have read it have noise problems in the headphones output , but i think it was solved in v3, because i dont have them.

actually, no problem with the input of the analog oven, the sound comes out very well :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your advice :slight_smile:

Yes they said they solved this problem on the V3

I still have a question, also told me that I could not connect a microphone directly in the cloud because it is not a microphone input, but I have a zoom h1, and it’s just a little jack came out , could I plug it directly into the clouds? Apparently you can not connect a microphone directly into the input of the octatrack, but at home with the zoom h1 it works very well.
And I can plug a jack of my phone into the clouds too?

I am not familiar with the Zoom H1, but generally speaking if you are plugging your mic into something with preamp (which it likely does if it has a mic input) AND it has a line output you should be fine. Good practice would be to have the input gain all the way down and slowly increase it with a signal present.

I personnaly use the Mutable Ears module. It allows to plug in an audio source like field recording from a Zoom recorder (then I send it into Rings). On top of that you get a contact microphone.

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I’ve had a few different approaches to this. first, you do not Need An Output module.

my first setup had Clouds and Elements patched out right into my mixer with 1/8”-1/4” cables. i had no troubles here.

when i added a 6u case i grabbed a Pittsburgh Outs module because I wanted a dedicated headphones out for quiet situations and checking my patch before hitting the PA at gigs, and having 1/4” stereo pair out is nice. i think i had the v1 of this module and both the headphones and main outs would add appreciable noise if cranked past like 3p. at the last gig i played with the Pitts Outs and old power supply there was just a metric ton of noise between my synth and PA/power at the venue.

I did an upgrade push this winter/spring and i replaced my power supply (for power and noise reasons) as well as my output module. I considered the Befaco Output v3 and the WMD Pro Output and ended up with the WMD, and yeah i’m short a couple feature and it’s 2hp larger but the output signal is very very clean and it’s a very well made module (I give PCBs and good look).

I think this is 95% a YMMV issue and depends on your needs in the studio and on stage. Right now a clean output signal and headphone jack are the priority for how i’m working most of the time, which is headphones and direct recording.

Yes to all you questions :slight_smile: