OTO review in Sound on Sound

Did anyone notice that there’s not a single mention of Mutable Instruments in the Sound on Sound review that just came out? They rave about how the synth aspect of the Biscuit has added a whole new dimension, etc… Least they could have done was let people know who was behind it? Lame.

SoS probably didn’t know. Look at the Oto website. Do you see Mutable Instruments/Olivier credited anywhere on it? I don’t…

I don’t think SoS spend all their time on forums like we do :slight_smile:

But it is a shame, the fact that they liked it so much is a credit to Olivier and his great work.

^ You might be surprised! One of them has been lurking here quite a bit the past few days :wink:

Hey people, it’s not like I wrote the firmware for this thing. I walked Denis through the Shruthi-1 codebase explaining him exactly (at the line of code scope) how certain things were done; and wrote data + pseudo code for the wave generation aspect. The “Der Oto” firmware code is still Denis’ work, not mine. It was more like a teacher-student relationship… I’ve learnt very valuable things in return, too… Like where to have the magic black boxes done :slight_smile:

^ I thought they looked familiar :wink:

Ah, I understand better now, thanks for clarifying. I was under the (incorrect) impression that you wrote the firmware for the whole synth part yourself! SoS is back to being number one now in my book when it comes to synth magazines!

It still rocks no matter who wrote it. Great job, both of you! I love that thing.