OT Sonic Potions Server Crashes Moment LXR Is Released

is down. Predictably…


Almost all sold within a quarter of an hour, lol. I guess Julian didn’t expect that. Gotta love smartphones… :> Bloody late shift!
Lets see if the stock can last half an hour xD

Ha I was refreshing like crazy

I managed to get my order thru!

I guess that being mentioned on synthtopia an hour ago helped too

About 17 still in stock as of right now

16 actually…

But half an hour passed. Fascinating.

Im winning my bet :wink:



Last 3!


Sold Out in 38 Minutes - congratulations!


I accidentally ordered 2 kits… :frowning:
I hope Julian will refund. There might be a surprise extra unit being put back in the system in a little while, I think. Or several, if the same thing happened to other panic buyers…



Damn it… I overslept…

This is great news IMHO. I hope Sonic Potions has great success and for sure Julian will be adding more stock as soon as he can gather the parts.

I love the anticipation this has gathered and are giddy at the thought of receiving my package in the Mail!

Congratulations to Julian from Sonic Potions - and to everyone getting an LXR. This thing really rocks and kicks ass…

What … what happened ?

I wonder how long it will take for another run?