OT: anyone know how to send midi cc info without a controller?

trying to send modwheel cc info (cc1) to a vst right now but do not have a keyboard controller. is there a way to do this with software?


Which DAW?
You may want to Google “How to automate parameters with your DAW of choice”. It is different for each one.

sorry for not specifying- im using ableton live 9

This should be what you are looking for.

You should be able to right-click a parameter then select “create automation” or something like that. If you did have a physical controller you could select “link to controller” then you would move the controller you wanted to assign to the virtual knob.

This one maybe !

i know how to automate controller info on a plugin i need to send actual midi CC from within ableton, or by some other means besides using a physical midi controller


that looks nice unfortunately im on a mac which i should have specified

Oh, OK, you want to automate a parameter that sends CC information. Is there a midi out module?
Fl studio has a Midi Out VST that can send CCs and NRPNs.
In Ableton it should be called the “External Instrument” module.
This is the Ableton documentation I was able to find.

If you are trying to route this CC to an in-the-box VST, you can still use the same method. Just set up the VST to receive external MIDI. Or just link the External Instruments module to the same midi channel as the VST.

I use a max for live device. There are a bunch, you should find one that suits you within 5 minutes of some googling.

so i guess i use the ableton external instrument with a vst that sends modwheel info?

Have you got any games controllers that have USB?

there’s https://itunes.apple.com/no/app/track-master/id420188180?mt=12

it’s pretty cool

i dont have any game controllers- im just trying to do this all within software. i only need to send the message CC1 to a specific plugin (SWAM sample modeling clarinet) it wont play notes without getting CC1. i know there are various ways to modulate parameters in live but i need to send actual midi CC

In Ableton Live, you can automate any MIDI controller as part of your MIDI clip. Just click the round “E” button at the bottom of the “Clip” pane, then select “MIDI Ctrl” from the first dropdown under “Envelopes”, and the controller number you want to edit from the second dropdown.

For more information, see chapter 20 of the fine manual that came with Ableton Live. You might want to read that.

facepalm— knew about this but didnt realize it sent CC within software. thanks