Oshpark pcb's?

I want to build a shruthi polivoks filter and am about to submit an order to oshpark. I uploaded the brd file from github and it all seems in order but I’ve never made a pcb before. Is there anything I need to be aware of or should everything be ok with an unaltered brd?

if you just send the brd file, some of the silk screen will be missing since the default processor doesnt render all the layers. Better to use their CAM processor

So I think I made all the gerbers properly and they look ok but when I upload them to oshpark although the top silkscreen layer shows everything it should, the auto-compiled board top picture is missing the bitmap bits (the illustration of the girl and the cyrillic lettering). Is this a common thing or indicative of a problem?

It’s common. It’ll probably come out fine on the actual boards.

Cool, thanks for the help, I’ll give it a go.