How do.
I’m looking to buy an oscilloscope, but I don’t build, test or calibrate anything really. (Not very often anyway)
So basically I’m just looking for a dual trace one that will help me see what’s going on in my modular synth better. So it’ll have to be able to display lfo’s after a bit of wave shaping as well as audio etc. So I’m imagining the refresh rates would have to go from pretty slow for LFO’s etc to dead fast for audio rate.
I’d also like it to have a bit of x-y lissajous action so that I can just stare at it blankly for a couple of hours.

I’ve been looking on eBay and there are a few I’m interested in, but I’m not really sure what to go for. One of the main things I’m not sure about is the MHz. Some are 20, 50, 100 etc. What would be suitable for me to get?

Ideally I’d like an analogue one with a fair sized screen, ye olde green trace type.

Any recommendations?


For use in a Modular System get an O’Tool
Besides 2 Channels that can trace any LFO up to Ultrasonic, it has a XY Display for Lissajous, VU-Meter, Spectral Analyzer, Dual Tuner and Voltmeter.

That was my first thought, but the more I thought about it the more I fancied an external one with a bigger screen.
I can see how the O’Tool would be great for most people, I just really fancy a proper old school one.

20 MHz is fine for audio work.

Be aware that if you want to track LFOs you need something with Memory as any CRT will fade much to fast for even a fast LFO - you will only see a wiggling green point. If thats OK just get any Scope that looks fancy enough for you and can do XY. For just looking at Audio everything will work.
My Tip: get an O’tool, i calibrate everything with it as it is much more handy as my HAMEG, you can calibrate a Dual SVF in about 5 Minutes with it…

I’ve actually got my eye on a Hameg 20MHz one. So might end up going for that.

The O’Tool does look incredibly useful for other stuff as well though.
I might have to make room for it somehow.

Cheers guys.

Yay, thats the road to despair… i started with a full analog HAMEG, now look at me…

Ha ha. Un-savable. :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to get a DSO Nano for ages… I’ll certainly get one before I get stuck in with my newer/larger projects…

Should be perfectly good. Or no?
And they are cheap for a scope…

Just a quick question.
What sort of cables are you guys using to get the signal into your oscillator from a modular or normal synth?
Is it just a standard BNC cable with one of those 3.5mm adapters?


I am using a bnc to rca. I then run a high quality, shielded rca cable from my mixer. Not sure if that is the best method, but it appears to be working OK.

I hadn’t even thought about incorporating a mixer.
So basically you can just leave it hooked up to the mixer and route whichever channel to the oscilloscope you like without having to patch in a mult from the modular for each signal you want to look at.

Thanks for the info.

Yeah. Its the ubiquitous Behringer 802 mixer. I am not sure what effect this could have on the signal, but for me, for now it is good enough.

I bought an RCA to 3.5mm mono cable on ebay and that did not work. Way too much noise. Completely unusable. But this heavy duty RCA I am using seems to work well.

It’s not going to be used for calibrating or anything, just for helping shape waves and so on, so even if the mixer does colour the signal a bit I think it’ll be fine for what I need it for.

Thanks again.

I had my eye on the Hameg along with a couple of others. But I just spotted a Tektronix 2215, fully working with probes and a probe adapter kit and manual all for £45, so I snapped it up.

Hopefully this will do me.

I’m really looking forward to hooking it up and seeing exactly what’s going on in my modular. Although there’s the danger that I might end up spending more time looking at pretty traces rather than making (not so pretty) music. Some may say this is a good thing.


I up the thread, i’m thinking of buying an oscilloscope, i prefer to buy one i will use ,and would not change after 5 years of use.

I would use it as lot of things, modular calibration, compressor & eq calibration, signal check, all dat stuff.

Is this one a good deal ?


Top Deal, go for it.

Awesome piece of kit. The only future proofing would be to get a slimline FDD emulator from HxC if you plan on transferring lots of measurements to a computer.

Ok, what i have to check to be sure everything is fine ?

Its should have a calibrations source (at least my HAMEGs have some) that you can use to test.
Or just take a Shruthi with you, its a superb source of all kinds of signals, just poke around a bit and see if the Scope can handle this.