Oscilloscope Suggestion

I plan to further my tool arsenal by acquiring an Oscilloscope, would use it for SDIY, as a hobbyist of course.

I would love to have opinions as to wether this is an overkill idea and what type/brand/model offers anything remotely within the affordability costs of hobbyists.

I have seen some probes/software combos for use with an iPad, which I have, and thus could be a possibility if it´s technically feasible.

What are your thoughts?

I have one of those Rigol digital ones, it does the job. It’s a digital one and noisy (cooling fan).

I learned basic electronics on analogue ones and prefer them. They just seem more natural to me.

If you want to use any of them for accurate measurements then they need calibration. Also, for audio work you don’t need a high MHz range, but for digital work you do.

I use a (very) old Hameg dual channel analogue (50€ used) and a small pocket digital oscilloscope (80€ new) for the quick’n dirty approach, which does the job in most of the cases. The Hameg is mostly in use for more tedious work, as calibrating VCOs and such…

I’ve been using a cheap n cheerful DSO Nano V3 for a good while now. Single channel, slightly slow refresh rate, but other than that, it’s been ideal for synth projects.
Got mine on Amazon.

I know old ‘real’ scopes can be had for pocket change these days. But i just can’t be doing with a big ol piece of tech like that around here… And the nano is about the size of a cell phone.

There are also some Eurorack scopes if they are of any interest?
Zeroscope (DIY and silly cheap), O’Tool and the Mordax Data.

If I was doing electronics every day for a living, then yes i’d get something better like a Rigol. But really, the Nano has served me perfectly well so far.

me uses a Tektronix 2212 with 1m memory expantion option from a former employee of tektronix, 150€
i also have a philips pm3110 bought for 40€

it also depends on what you wanna do.
if you need it for digital work, a logic analyzer is a must, something like https://www.saleae.com/

rigol 1054 is the best price value you will get, its about 300e and does the audio job pretty good.
Those digital scopes are nice since they got memory, the old analog ones are almost only real time, so there is no stop, look at the signal, and run again option.

Although xy function, for the funny pictures on your scope works on the old analog ones pretty neatly, looks amazing, on the digital ones its just a gimmick, it simply does not look nice, but does the job as well.

The rigol 1000 series scopes have unlock codes to upgrade to a higher bandwidth and unlock some of the math/decoding options. Technically, all scopes of that series are identical.
There may or may not be a way to get those codes for free. Just sayin’.

What´s your take on something like this?

I do have some iPads around here so that part of the cost is covered.