Oscilloscope for anushri?

hi all of you,I,m interessted soon to have an anushri but I read about anushri and found that at a certain moment,
we must use an oscilloscope to make tests.
Here in Quebec city I din’t find places who rent oscilloscope and I can’t afford to buy this piece of equipment.
Is there another way to make theses tests?

thanks in advance…


hi Denise! welcome to the mutable community
you don’t need an oscilloscope for the anushri build… only in case something went wrong with the build you will need to make this kind of tests… there is also an alternative way to ‘listen’ to the signal on different points in the circuit with a normal audio jack. But normally this is not necessary.
Read carefully through the build instructions and you will find great tips and the build will go fine. In case of trouble you can search the forum or ask questions here.

yeah it’s really not needed

> we must use an oscilloscope to make tests.

Only if you make a mistake somewhere and need to figure out what’s going on…

Let’s assume we did some mistakes :slight_smile:

Would such oscilloscope (DSO Nano v2) help or is it waste of money ?


I got a used 20MHz Hameg for that price…

thanks to all of you.
this anushri thing seems to be cool with is 128 steps seq.
I wonder how it’l can respond midi jacked to my Akai ME20a…
and also it seems a bit more easy to build if we compare
to shruti.
I have to tell you in a few hours about my first shruti in another topic.

have a nice day…


i’ve seen a link to download an oscilloscope application for pc somewhere here on the forums, you should find it with a quick search.
that should be good enough to see if there’s something wrong in audio circuits

hi again!
maybe I,m wrong but I just found something. I was listening sounds with my computer simply with the ''lecteur windows media’
and switched visualisation at ‘‘oscilloscope’’ and saw the waveform of the sound.
If you know what I mean, can someone tell me if it can act as a credible oscilloscope for testing by listening audio jacking the circuits of Anuishri??


> if it can act as a credible oscilloscope

It won’t tell you anything more than what you can guess with your ears, or what you could collect by recording the audio into audacity and looking back at the waveform.

There are 4 “wrong” things when trying to do measurements with a PC soundcard:

  • Soundcards are AC coupled, so you cannot detect DC-offset and “slow” signals like envelopes and LFO.
  • Soundcards have a complex gain chain, so you cannot measure amplitudes accurately.
  • Soundcards have filters, which might remove the glitch you want to monitor.
  • Soundcards do not always have high input impedance, so they are loading the circuit being observed (they “suck” current out of it and impact its behaviour).

So, in order to get a credible soundcard oscilloscope I should use my expensive external audio interface’s Hi-Z jack, only to risk somehow wrecking that… Hehh…
(Not : I don’t have an Ambika, and when I get one I will be using a combination of my ears, the instructions & a simple oscilloscope app on my phone)

Just get a cheap real Cathode Ray oscilloscope-it will show your audio signals fine without the hassles of soundcards and you won’t have the refresh rate and resolution issues of cheapo LCD scopes-I bought a differently branded version of this for about $100 5 years ago and it was worth every penny.