Oscillator volume control

Do I understand correctly that there’s no way to adjust the volume of the Ambika’s oscillators – just global, post-filter volume control? Pardon my ignorance if I’m missing something – I sure hope I am :slight_smile:

Looking from manual: S1 corresponds osc/mixer pages so press it twice to adjust balance between the two oscillators. If either is empty, then you have full “0-100” volume control.

Why would you want to adjust the volume of the oscillators before they hit the filter?

The digital side of things runs with a resolution of 8-bit, so you really have to keep the signal levels as high as possible if you don’t want quantization noise to be high with respect to the signal. That’s also why you have an oscillator balance control (which keeps the output amplitude full no matter how it is set), rather than individual oscillator level settings.

Thanks @frspp! I should have thought of that.

@pichenettes, to give more “headroom” for the resonance, which you discussed here http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/898/make-room-for-the-resonance/p1 . If I had found that thread I wouldn’t have created this one :slight_smile: