Oscillator to wrong envelope

I was playing around with various parameters on the Shruthi-1 and now discovered that both oscillator 1&2 now maps to Envelope 2 controls. In other works, both oscillators’ ASDR parameters are affected by Envelope 2 controls only.

Did I inadvertently cross-patched something by mistake? How do I reset the controls?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sorry, I am not sure to understand your problem. In particular, I don’t get the meaning of “both oscillators’ ADSR parameters”. The oscillators do not have ADSR parameters ; there are 2 envelopes, each with A, D, S, R parameters, and they can be routed to whatever you want in the modulation matrix.

Also, it’s not clear if this is a problem with the user interface (changing a parameter on a page changes something else on another page), or a problem with sound (you expect a parameter to have such effect but it appears to be doing something entirely different).

Could you please explain what’s going on in more details, maybe with sound clips or a video?

Sorry, let’s see if I can explain it better.

Currently the ASDR parameter knobs on the Envelope 1 page seems to not affect anything, whereas those on the Envelope 2 page affects sounds coming from both Oscillator 1 and 2. I checked it by switching Osc1 and Osc2 off one at a time then changing the parameters on Env1 or Env2.

Before, Env1 affected sounds from Osc1 and Env2 affected sounds from Osc2 respectively. Now, Env1 affects nothing and Env2 affects both Osc1 and Osc2. So I think I may have changed some (global?) setting by accident (somewhere in the modulation matrix perhaps?)

Ok… From your message it seems that you think that env 1 is for oscillator 1 and env 2 is for oscillator 2. This is incorrect. By default, env1 affects the filter cutoff by the amount specified by the env parameter on the filter page. When this parameter is null, env1 does nothing. Try increasing this value and setting cutoff to a middle value, and you’ll see how env1 affects the overall timbre of the sound over time. env2 affects the loudness of both oscillators. This is the normal behavior of pretty much any synth with 2 envelopes. I am not aware of any synth indeed in which there is an independent envelope to control the amplitude of each oscillator.

I am not sure how you got to the situation where env1 seemed to affect osc1 and env2 seemed to affect only osc2 - but this was an exception (probably with something strange set in the mod matrix) rather than the rule.

Check the signal flow:

By default, env1 is mapped to the cutoff frequency of the VCF ; and env2 to the gain of the VCA ; so they operate at a point where osc1 and osc2 have already been mixed together.

Got it! I had too many new patches created and this confused me even more. This synth newbie thanks you! :slight_smile:

There are some synths that have separate volume envelopes for each oscillator. The Korg Poly/EX-800 has an envelope for each of it’s two oscillators, and a third envelope to control the filter cutoff. Funnily enough, the later DW/EX-8000 had only a single envelope generator for volume.


Yeah also the Roland digital synths (D-5, JD-800 I’m sure, maybe the D-50 also) considered each patch to be made of 4 mono-oscillator “tones” or “partial”, with one TVA envelope for each.

Yamaha FM synths usually had a multi-breakpoint envelope for each FM ‘operator’, 4 or 6 of which made up a single patch (though the overall architecture of these synths was quite different from the standard analogue-style subtractive synthesis model used by the Shruthi-1).