Oscillator re-trigger

Is it possible to re-trigger Shruthi’s oscillators phase on each new note ? From a 0 crossing or anywhere else ?

Thanks !

With a code change, yes :slight_smile:

Is it hard ?

Congratulations on all your work btw, love the concept, the sound and the versatility.

Not much. Set the phase_ to 0 there

Hm, seems like I don’t have the knowledge to apply this nor load it to the shruthi… long way to go.

Sad cause almost everything I do needs oscillator re-trigger, I’ll just sample it for the time being !

@ogait Just wondering; why do you need osc retriggering? I sometimes use it for detuned bass sounds, but I’ve never missed it for anything else.

I use it for fast bass lines, osc shape modulation with rhythmic patterns and stuff that I can’t take the “click” away with the amp envelope…

“Clicks” have little to do with oscillator phase - but are caused by fast envelopes.

Resetting the phase to 0 can be used to prevent the lively, random beating you can get with detuned oscillators. But that’s it. In particular, given how complex the waveforms generated by the Shruthi are (with the influence of the “param” modulation), there’s no guarantee that resetting the phase to 0 will generate a waveform that starts at a zero-crossing.

Read here a classic about Why do some synths produce clicks ?

Thanks both for your articles, really useful indeed !

When making this sort of bass I’m going for (so fat on the shruthi btw = happy :D) I use only one oscillator, 16th notes at 140 bpm +. Saw wave, oscillator re-trigger, completely closed LP filter, really fast filter envelope and then adjust amp envelope to get rid of remaining clicks. Usually, depending on the synth, I set attack to 0-1 and release to 5-13.

On the Shruthi I didn’t manage to get rid of the clicks, notice that there are no overlapping notes on the sequencer and they’re small enough to add some release. I then tried to use 0% filter envelope and still couldn’t get it.

I think at high bpm’s the free running oscillators are noticeable more than usual.

Still, while sampling that bass, the result is fat and really pleasant to my ears. This is my first monophonic synth and sounds a lot better than I expected.

Will try again after reading this article you shared with me and see how it goes.

Thanks !

If you start your OSC at Zero crossing for low frequencies it is like you open the Envelope “slowly” where slowly is something like 1/50s. Just make the attack a tad longer and the click will disappear, without loosing any punch.

Ye apparently it’s some type of high frequency stuff that is generated by the oscillator that was making it sound different every note…

With the right envelope and an EQ on the channel taking high frequencies I can get solid bass notes.

The attack is even at 1 now.