Orientation of 6N137 IC (digital control board)

Hello good people of the Mutable Instruments forum. Nice to meet y’all.

I’m currently in the process of piecing together my Shruthi-1 control board here now. Have found the instructions extremely good so far, but have ran into a problem near the end:

In step 11 in the instructions (http://mutable-instruments.net/shruthi1/build/digital), it is stated that one should pay close attention to the IC’ orientation, when inserting them into their sockets. Piece of cake with two of them, since they have a notch. The 6N137 IC does however not have such notch, which leaves me a bit clueless.

Can anyone tell me how to figure this one out?

Thanks in advance.


when the chip doesn’t have a notch, it should have a dot, which is then positioned at the top left corner of the IC (indicating pin 1).
So when there’s no notch, the dot is at the same side as the notch.

Beware that sometimes there’s a notch and a dot at the opposite side - the notch prevails.

There is indeed a dot. Thanks a lot. Now moving on to the filter board. :wink:

Often the notch is to the left when you can read the text on the chip.