Ordering component..did you need some!

hi at all! i am ordering component now, so if i can help someone…

I would need this switch which can be found from Mouser -but i need to buy it from reichelt. That’s because their minimum order is 10€ and my current order reaches 9,50€. And only extra part that i need is that switch (i ruined one from another build).
So i found it to be incredibly difficult to find that from reichelt. Maybe they don’t have it. But i couldn’t find ANY switch that would even LOOK like that one. I mean that i can’t find whole category! I know that i just don’t know how to use their web page and search… or know correct terms to search. What are this anyway, “micro switches”?

“Mouser Part No: 612-TL1100
Manufacturer Part No: TL1100F160Q
Manufacturer: E-Switch
Description: Tactile & Jog Switches 12X7.3MM 160GF”

You can get those at xoxshop.de for instance!

And probably from here in finland, but if ordering from several places, shipping costs would multiply…

xoxshop.de would help if they have ready made shared projects for polivoks filter board and 4-pole mission edition parts that are not included in MI-semi-kit.
I’d like to get those from one place without need to pay custom fees.

Ha, more 4-poles to Finland:) I try to use my enormous VIP contacts to get the missing parts. Let’s see will I get my propositions shoved back to my…the place where sun never shines…

Try Bebek in Finland?

@ Istran

Bebek, yeah… i know the place but as MI has made those shared projects available at the Mouser and Reichelt i feel like hunting those parts one by one is useless work. =/

True, it is daunting and frustrating - but if nothing else works…

Huh, got my parts ordered for 4-pole. Have to skip buying Polivoks parts to next month unless i get something sold as well… =P
I’m decided to let couple synths go. DSI Evolver, Nord rack 2 and TG-77. Not going to sell all but first one which goes, goes. I’ll keep the rest.