Ordering A grade LM4040 with Vref 4,096V

Hi folks,

as i here sourcing for my Eurocrack Anushri, i found it pretty challenging to find LM4040 in A grade quality for modular use.
Which means i found them nowhere except Digikey with the unholy shipping fee for Europeans.
After a short conference with fcd72 i decided to place a greater order if enough interest is given.
So who wants/needs some LM4040 4,1V Vref grade A for use with his modular version ?

I just ordered this one: LM4040AIZ-41-NOPB from Mouser.

You are my hero, but now i have to question my sourcing skills. Ok then i will order these.
(grmpf, i am so frigging blind…)

But I’m not 100% shure if it’s the right one!

Don’t worry, this one should fit !