Optional cap on C1 smr mkII filter board?

i have come to the part where i need to put in the “optional” capacitor on the C1 part of the filter. It says 10uf cap but i cannot find that in my kit and the closest thing i have is one that says 10 and a 16 underneath. Is this the right part?


There is one picture and one diagram in the assembly instructions showing this part.

the picture in the diagram says 10 over a 25…thank u for ur help

and do i have to put it in?

also im not getting a reading on my meter for the first test

nevermind im dumb…power supply plug was wrong polarity :slight_smile:

This picture teaches you how to read the value of a tantalum capacitor in the general case.

Did u put a picture I can’t see

They should normally also have one lead longer than the other. The long lead is the positive (true for all components afaik). I find it easier to go by that because the printing on the cap is so small.