Opinion case build

What do you think of this case? I have all MI and Intellijel modules in this case. Only instruo stuff i need to buy.

Is it worth is :slight_smile:

Looks like fun, just two comments:

  1. why 12 standalone vcas? Seems like a lot for that system.

  2. i think you do lack modulation for all these modules. Of course it depends on the music you make but Id want at least some cv sequencing in there to get per step changes. With only stages, that feels a bit thin.

Also I wouldnt buy all those instruo modules at once. Theyre all fairly deep and if you have the mutable stuff already maybe get just the granular and quantizer for starters?
To be fair, the system seems a bit like you went according to which modules look the nicest together. Speaking from first and second hand experience, systems like that tend to disappoint in real life.

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Totaly agree with DonKartofflo about vca and modulation sources… Except I will have keep the Lúbadh :stuck_out_tongue:

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Change som stuff after help on modulargrid.

Awsome build now what u think?

Seeing that you are diving in pretty deep, why not get the WMD performance mixer instead of the Happy Nerding?

I was tossing up between the two and have not regretted it one bit: a lot more tracks, sliders feel much better than knobs for mixing and send/returns are a game changer.

As to what else to put in… the only true answer is use what you’ve got until you want to do something you cant… then go and buy the module that will do the job you need.


you are quite right i have looked at the WMD performance mixer, it is really good but takes up too much hp in my 7u case. I had xaoc intellijel and happy nerding in my mind and my choice landed on happy nerdimg in this case.

what i already own is my intellijel 7u case with all 1u modules and all modules on the first 3u line. so that’s just the last line I experiment with before deciding to buy.

my goal is to have 2 full 7u cases with a 3u case with type just mixing and effect etc. and this will make up my entire system with what I want to get out of modular systems.

my goal with my modular system is a place I can experiment with sound and have fun on the road.

I already have my cubase but I do not want to sit at the computer with vst :slight_smile:

Random thoughts…

Don’t discount multiple of the same module (Stages and Plaits are good candidates)…

Make Noise Mimeophon is amazing…

Analog wavefolders are fun: Doepfer A-137-1…

SQ-1’s and Keystep’s are cheap, versatile and performative…

Good thoughts, those modules is going to be in the case number 2 :slight_smile: but for sequence its frap toors or malekko.

my modular system is my escape into the unknown where my system is my psychologist. I have no goal with my system except that it is my friend that I talk to and have endless discussions where sometimes something magical happens. every module I put in is part of my brain part of my mind. hence my system is not something I have to make music of only the language my brain loves to be in.

Hope you understand what i meen.

Have som old tunes https://soundcloud.com/tonysylvan

haven’t done music in a long time, life things have come in between but have started again.

Tony, I’m listening to your ‘old tunes’ as I write this…

If you want to do a lot with percussion you’ll have to think a lot about how you want to implement this as it can quickly consume alot of module resources and alot of tracks.

This is how I have approached percussion (generally not all focused on percussion at the same time):

From a percussion sequencing point of view I’m happy and set with MI Grids, Intellijel Steppy, MI Marbles, Doepfer Sequential Switch A-151, Doepfer Clock Divider A-160-2 and some logic from MI kinks.

The percussion comes from MI Plaits, MI Rings, MI Peaks and MI Elements. I do enjoy sythesising my own percussion. Useful modules for this: noise, utility oscillators, ring-mod, flexible envelopes, vca’s, high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters (for filters I use MI Ripples, Doepfer Wasp, Doepfet SEM, WMD Overseer… also most MI oscillators have some form of filtering/eq built in).

I think i Will buy http://www.orthogonaldevices.com/er-301 for percussion, smalast amount of space and it get the job Done :slight_smile:

I am very open to criticism about what you think is missing in my music :slight_smile:

Hi Tony,

How do you think you’ll make or approach music differently from how you have done so with the computer in the past?

what I am looking for now is atmospheric nature, and my perception of how the universe sounds if I take it in my hand and listen to it in front of my eyes.

what i’m looking for is what makes music have “IT” that makes you forget about time and space when you listen to it.

what I have come up with is which bit of deep and micro movements and in which room you put this in with the right frequency. this I express a lot with now, and this is what I’m trying to get to. just look at colin benders, autechre and plasticman they have just that, if we ignore the music they make.

I want to create something organic at Steorides.
It is a hobby so I have all the time to express until I am satisfied :slight_smile:

i have it in my head exactly how i want it but i don’t have the technical skill yet, it’s a learning curve for me.

Ok, a couple of points:

“what I am looking for now is atmospheric nature, and my perception of how the universe sounds”

This is certainly a good starting point in my opinion. In my round about way I was intimating this when talking about percussion and sequencing.

ie: if your percussion is sampled then it will by and large sound the same all the time… I need a module or a patch that can be modulated with a bit of natural chance, swing or gusto.

The same goes with sequencing, although the tools to achieve a natural vibe are different.

I also find a variety of delay and reverb options help create spaces.

hmmm you made me think of how to think when I want to capture the sound I have in my head.

if you had a 7u case like me how would you build it then, if the bottom line is empty and the others look like the picture.

I realy love your tunes, so good and loads of inspiration :slight_smile:

Hi Tony,

What outboard gear do you have that you can see yourself integrating with your Eurorack? This might effect your choices or, at least, the purchase order.

With what you have already you should be able to make some really interesting stuff.

Here’s a few ideas for modules you have that took me a while to start using:

Marbles: set X side to +/-5V and steps knob full ccw ie: outputs a smooth random sources. These clocked smooth random voltages work great with Rings (brightness/damping/position), Plaits (timbre/morph) and many others. If you externally clock Marbles you can use a copy of one smooth output to effect RATE (which in this case will skip between +/- clock divisions).

Rings: set to red mode (strings) hold down the selection button until the light flashes. Damping is now increasing delay feedback and reverb. Take a copy of a track (or the whole mix) and send it to Rings’ IN socket… play around with the knobs and you have some cool flavoured feedback.

What do you feel your missing in your current rack?

If you’re going for 4U 104hp then you will definitely love the WMD PM!! When my system was at a similar stage to yours I purchased a 2hp delay and 2hp verb. I think they are both great set and forget utility ambience modules, which are small and cheap. I keep them pretty permanently in the send/return of the WMD PM and sometimes just adding a little bit gives a stale sound much more life.

If you don’t already have a collection of Tiptop Stackcables then you should start now because they are really handy.

I realy love your tunes, so good and loads of inspiration :slight_smile:

Thanks Tony,

I have been lazy and not uploaded anything for months. I have about 8 tracks I’ll upload in the next week or so.

my idea is to buy arturia keystep pro as a hub, keystep pro i have been waiting for now for a few years hehe, otherwise i have no hardware at the moment, look alot on electron stuff coz im swedish:), but same where i wait until the next update. and I have Tiptop Stackcables, and look at 2hp modules as a good start.

my goal is to be able to make music completely daw free, all i want to do with daw is to record and mix and polish to the last.

Fieldrecorder is somthing om looking at to. Nature have all the sounds i need :slight_smile:

something that matters to me is that when I buy something it should be quality stuff that lasts for many years to come.

Fieldrecorder is a good idea.

My main use for mine these days is to take a line directly out from the modular. This gets sent directly to the monitor speakers. The advantage of this set-up is that I am always ready to record… sometimes I record nothing for weeks then I might record a few things in one day. It feels great just to press record when everything is feeling right rather than fumbling around trying to plug my laptop in.

I only record live, no overdubs. For better or worse it is the only way I can work when I can hear the whole compilation at once. I love the process of sculpting a track, mixing and recording it all in a day or two.It reminds me of the concept of “embracing the mistake”. The quality of recording seems good enough to me and I just clean it up with light compression and levels in the DAW whenever I can be bothered.