Opensource acrylic case for MIDIpal

I’ve completed a couple of MIDIpals and ordered acrylic cases from Ponoko using the file from the MIDIpal GitHub repository. What is the right length and configuration for the PCB spacers to hold the whole thing together and have the holes line up correctly? Better yet, if anyone has part numbers for this, that would be perfect.

On an unrelated note, what are the four holes with the arrow-shaped protrusions on the bottom panel used for?


They’re for attaching rubber bands to hold a 9v battery in place, I think.


Ah, what a nice idea!

For anyone else who may have my question about the spacers, it looks like the front standoff is about 10 mm, and the back standoff is about 20 mm. Those may not be the exact measurements, but will probably be close enough.