Open source virtuous spiral

4MS have released the firmware (and schematics, but not PCB design files) for their very interesting SMR filter module, under the same MIT open source licence which Olivier uses: see

Interestingly, they have used Olivier’s clever audio bootloader code to permit firmware updates of their module in the same way that digital MI modules can be updated. That’s a nice example of the virtuous spiral which open sourcing of code facilitates. There is some interesting raw material in the SMR code base, as well.

yes thats so cool :slight_smile:

excellent news :slight_smile:

Great news! THanks for letting me know! This is a good info for my article on open source!

Yeah, that’s nice. Though it must be said the SCM and RCD code has been on github for some 4 years now.

ubiubu, the real game changer here is the bootloader I think. For previous modules (SCM, RCD and QCD), you had to have a special adapter; now it will be as simple as on Olivier’s modules.
Exciting times ahead!

Sure, this now is more officially and formally open source; just mentioned SCM et al because, well, credit where credit is due.

As for the audio bootloader, well, maybe. It’s fairly tangential to things being open source, though.

Well, if it weren’t made available under an open source license, then the bootloader code couldn’t be re-used by 4MS, obviously. But surely the point is that including a reliable, easy-to-use, end-user firmware update facility is a key enabler for creation of an ecosystem of alternative third-party firmware images for your product?