Open Source Raspberry Pi Sampler- Samplerbox

Might be of interest:

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 which I’ve yet to really use properly, so will be giving this a go to see how it works.

The most interesting thing is that it is all written in Python (and a bit of Cython).


There’s also the PlayPi (and now also the FluxPi) project:

Got it working- a few observations:

  1. When they say “Download this image and put it on a microSD card. Boot it, it will work!”- this omits the part where you create the image using software- this might be blindingly obvious to more experienced Pi heads but I wasted some time working it out.
  2. Sound quality is decent, I’m using an identical DAC to the one they suggest, although I have run into occasional pops and crackles on the first patch I created (the demo instruments are fine). I think it’s to do with the volume of the source material, which seems to be overloading when I play more than 8 notes.
  3. It was cheap to get it up and running. I spent £8 on the DAC, and £1.50 on a new microSD card to put the image on. I’m running my samples off a USB pen drive. That’s all you need, really. I’m not sold on the suggested display, which to my mind is a bit pricey for what it does. I think a 16x2 LCD would be better.
  4. It’s a very basic sampler - well, sample player- but easy to use. Sampling monosynths and playing them polyphonically was great fun, and made me wonder why I don’t do it more often in my DAW. Hard to say whether this will become an integral part of my setup, but will be interesting to see how the project develops over time.

Thanks for sharing this! I was looking for a DIY sample player (keyboard playing oriented) for a while and couldn’t find anything.
This could turn into something great…

DE:Generator its a DIY Synth and Sample Player included

Project Website

1.Sound example
2.Sound example