Open Modules for Open Minds

First in a series of articles, very well done, and the first person to be interviewed is…

Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring article for an EE student with similar aspirations.

Thanks @BennelongBicyclist for sharing our article!

It is a great article and I am looking forward for next chapter

Nice article. I enjoyed that very much.

Thanks everybody!

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Why is there no horizontal pitch Facebook page yet? I want to like it :wink:

yeah well, we’ve been thinking about it… I’m not sure it would be worth it. Sure you could like it, but then facebook would make it disappear from your newsfeed anyway, if we don’t pay the fb tax.

^ On top of that, they make your page invisible if you don’t update it. That means no one can come across it and get linked to your site later. Don’t bother with FB.

Yep. Good stuff. I RT’d.

yes and facebook it at the opposite of the oepn source mind, so forget it, !