OPA275 instead of TL072? (Ambika Build)

I have a bunch of extra OPA275 laying around and I thought of using it on the MOBO (instead of TL072).

My question is:

Has anyone used another IC instead of TL072 and noticed some kind of improvement on the sound?

I know I can just swap them here and check for myself, but my only concern is to damage something, I don´t know if the specs are exactly the same (power drawing, etc…) and I don´t know how to read those datasheets, there´s so much information that I don´t know where to look.


you won’t damage anything with an OPA275.
In my opinion, it won’t make much difference since the most “lo-fi” components here are the OTAs.

Anyway, I personnally don’t think that high fidelity is required when it comes to music instruments - mixing systems, listening systems, monitoring and things like that are another story.

Theres much more gain to an transparent open Sound if you learn to Mix properly (not that i would be able to - still learning and this is xactly the reason you wont hear a single waveform from me for now :wink: ) than stuffing your otherwise LoFi Synth with an HiFi OpAmp. Since i know whats in Musical Instruments and Recording Gear i only wonder about People that swap vanilla OpAmps with fancier ones for better Sound. Also, you might read this for deeper insight.

Besides this, go ahead and swap, you wont damage anything.