Hi all!
I just updated my shruthi-1 from 0.97 to 1.02 (yes).
But the splash screen won’t show up anymore and I couldn’t find where the option to turn it on is.
Please let me know where it is!



System settings page, it’s called “sta” (start page). The options are: splash screen, filter page, preset load/save page.

Grazie mille Maestro!

I guess i’ll have to read again the whole manual to be up to date from 0.97 to 1.02

I was having a similar issue where my Sta setting was stuck on pyt. I had upgraded from .96 to 1.02. For some reason the knobs would not change the setting no matter how far I turned them. I ended up having to disabled snap, then I was able to change the Sta setting, and turn snap back on.

Just throwing it out there in case anyone else has the same issue.