Only LED 8 working on first power up

Hi everyone, sorry to start off my first thread with a question but I’m new at this. Hopefully someone can help me. I’m at step 11 for the control board assembly, and only LED 8 lights up when I attach 5v. The encoder and buttons have no effect on anything. Can anyone help me with this?



This looks like a recurring problem. The two logic ICs on the control board (165 and 595) are swapped.

I’m hoping that’s the two small socketed ICs. I installed them as per the labels on the board.


Oh crap, you’re right. It’s not the two socketed ICs, it’s the two soldered ICs. Ouch! I suppose I’ll try and de-solder those and swap them. I should have been more careful. Might be a good idea to pick up some sockets next time, especially considering how new I am at this.

Thanks again.