Only 1 x 68k resistor in my Shruthi kit

Hi folks,

I received my first Shruthi kit yesterday and I have been working through the build, so far successfully, but not without some frustrations.
I am currently at the point in the SMR build where I am meant to solder the 68k resistor (R3) alas my kit only came with a single 68k resistor.
The one I was supplied has already been fitted onto the control board. Is there something I am missing here? Is there an alternative resistor that I might be meant to use?
Or is this simply a missing resistor that I will have to go and source?

Thanks in advance.


Edit: had a severe brain fart.

Check which value your particular LCD needs. This can vary depending on color, make and other factors. It should be consistent if you got the complete kit though.

It looks like you have “stolen” a 68k resistor from the filter board bag and used (where?) on the control board.

  • Don’t mix bags of parts. There are bags of parts for the control board and bags of parts for the filter board - all required parts are in each board’s bags.
  • There is no 68k resistor in use in the control board. Where did you put it?

R3 is 68 ohm, not 68000 ohm of which I can find none in the BOMs, and as far as I see the SMR board has one 68 ohm resistor in the output stage and the digital board has one 68 ohm as current limiter for the display so it sure looks as you miss one, unless your display is not supposed to have another vaule…

Thanks everyone for the incredibly lightning fast response.
I I meant to say 68 ohm resistor. Sorry.

The very first instruction for the control board asks for this on BOM:

R20 Resistor 1% 68 1 METALL 68,0 68.1XBK-ND 9342192

The same part features on the SMR BOM:
: R3 Resistor 1% 68 1 METALL 68,0 68.1XBK-ND 9342192 660-MF1/4DCT52R68R0F

In the instructions I read this:
‘R20 (68R, blue, grey, black, gold). This resistor sets the brightness of the LCD display. If you find a smaller resistor in your kit, such as 3.3 ohms (orange, orange, black, silver), instead of 68 ohms, use it there! This is because different LCD displays have different requirements in terms of brightness.’

It appears I did not pay enough attention to the second part.

I opened both bags looking for the first part (68).
This indicates that Pichenettes and Jojjelito are both on the mark: I have found the 3.3 ohm resistor.

Thanks to all! I am very excited.