Online site to buy soldering gear

I am about to start a Shruti and want to buy some soldering gear.

I found the recommendation list of gear on but I could not find a single site where I could buy all the items together. As I live in New Zealand, shipping is not cheap (around 30USD) and because of that would be ideal to find a site where I could buy everything together.

Someone has a good recommendation?


Hi @Marlac

There is one Estonian site
Shipping is 18EUR when the package will stay under 2kg.
They are selling Hakko and other clones, but if you need it for hobby, then they should work fine.

If the package is over 2kg, then the shipping should be 13,8EUR+6,9EUR/kg. According to Eesti Post site.

Mouser has free shipping (at least to here) for orders over €65.

If you look on the pinside forum for hakko 808 and hakko 888 deals, you can get great pricing on a soldering station and desoldering gun. Not sure about shipping but great prices on the Hakko stuff. US Based. does the cheap stuff really well, with free shipping.
Don’t buy the cheapest, buy the most expensive one that doesn’t go over your customs limit, and consider going for several orders, so it gets split up, thereby resetting the customs limit :slight_smile:
Granted, none of it is hakko gear, but it works well, and doesn’t cost you your house/gear :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advise.

In the end I bought on a Hakko 888d for 100USD + 40USD shipping. Here in New Zealand it costs 260 USD. Still didn’t buy the smaller things. Will check on jaycar or the sites you mentioned.

Just as an advise I did some research and there are a lot of fake Hakko gear on aliexpress and ebay, I asked if it was original before buying and hoping on the reviews. Will post the outcome when it arrives next week. :slight_smile: