Online Modular Synthesizer

Check out this great little online module tester form Modular Grid if you haven’t already. They call it the True Grid. I wonder how flexible it will be in the future? So far, it is pretty impressive.

this is fun.
it will also probably help make a few more people addicted to modular.

I can’t get chrome to display anything but empty space :frowning:

i can’t get myself to install chrome :wink:

@V`cent: It may take a while to load. If that does nothing, try clicking the “init patch” button in the upper right.

@loderbast: Yes, it is fun. A bit buggy as the envelope generator seems to die every time I patch it, but it is fun.

@rosch: Try Chromium. All of the Chrome none of the Google.

I prefer playing with real modules… i dont have sex with a plastic doll either ;-9

Can’t get it to work whatsoever… Meh…

@V`cent: That is a shame, but it is only in beta right now.

@fcd72: It does not sound like the hardware, but it is built to share patches instantly with everyone using it. In that regard, they did a great job. Also, the oscillators sound pretty damn good.

Overall, I see this as a great educational tool. If they focus on the patch sharing aspect, they will have a real winner on their hands.

wow, if this actually works, i think it’s pretty impressive.
and useful, for sketching or exchanging patches, as audioharder pointed out.
guess i’ll have to install chrome one of these days…

Generally it runs in Safari, too. Just very sluggish and some things like Filter CV are not working.
I tested it with the Safari Nightly Developer version which shows a huge improvement, so I think with the next official Safari version many issues will be magically ironed out.

Interesting, the envelope output CV kept dying on me. Are you sure the CV didn’t work when attaching an oscillator as the CV source?

I had a quick play with that the other day. It’s pretty cool! I used it with Safari, which worked, but with some significant issues…
Still, I was surprised that it sounded as good as it did, all things considered…

They have done some major updates since I last visited, and it is even better. They even fixed the dying envelope issue.
The big update for me is the ability to add other modules aside from the ones they pick out by default.
Oh, and a tape recorder that lets you record your sounds in WAV format and DL them without having to start up your DAW/audio interface.
They also added Chrome Midi, but that only works on Macs running Chrome. I can not test that out.
The one thing that still doesn’t work is the atenuverter. Inverting the output on it seems to result in no output. Still this is the one softsynth I am very excited about. I can’t wait to see what other modules they add to the mix. Or even some external guitar pedal FX so the tape recorder isn’t all alone.