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Not sure if this has been posted here before (and i can’t see a search button on my android)

Head over too cousera for loads of free courses on all subjects, including DSP, music production and loads more.

Enjoy learning

I did the MITx (now edX) 6002x introduction to electrical engineering course last year-it was a tough 3 months with little time for social life, and a final exam that took me 7 hours( but it was a great course and I learned a hell of a lot. Highly recommended)

seems interesting, but there have been quite some discussions about it… would be interested in knowing more about it.

I’ve done the coursera course in design last year. It was interesting and got me designing and building some stuf but it wasn’t a very high level course. I’d like to do some electronics or c++ course.

i’d need something like ‘programming for feebleminded’

I signed up for 6002x but just didn’t get far, my math isn’t what it was back twenty years when Calculus was fresh in my head. That was the hold-up for me.

@shimoda, yes this can be a problem. Now 20 years since I got a degree in Physics and Electronics, then went into evil IT so not used it since…

When I studied Electronics half the components we use today didn’t exist. Hell, last I studied Physics half the fundamental laws didn’t even exist yet.

a session of C++ courses for beginners is starting now ( in french)

And the link:

Experimental genome science sounds good :slight_smile:

Bioinformatics only in chinese :confused:

This is really cool. I didn’t know this existed. Saw there will be a course in fundamentals of audio and music engineering starting in february. Build your own guitar amplifier!

Thanks for the tip!

UT.6.01x at edX presents the first microcontroller hardware inclusive MOOC. See you there!

Interesting! … To bad i wasn’t able to finish the last course i did on coursera. Should maybe start on this one…? Is there any advantage that this course focuses on C?

I’ve done a ton of these courses, including the Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists course on Coursera which was excellent. Not the deepest programming course for someone with experience but it’s been 10 years since I had done it last. That embedded systems course mentioned above looks awesome but I doubt my programming skills are up to it.

Someone mentioned being rusty on calculus earlier and Coursera has a Calculus One course starting soon that seems perfect for people like us who haven’t done it in years. All of them so far have assumed high school Calc AP or some other calculus experience which again has been 10 years for me. I’m planning to do this Calculus One class and Linear Algebra on EdX and work my way towards some of the cooler electronics courses next year.

That might be a really good idea to do some math first. It’s been almost 20 Years since I did maths.
I couldn’t finish the Chuck course because I got swamped with work at some point. I’m sure it’s going to happen again. But in meantime I did learn something. But there also has to be some left to solder! I want 9 days in a week!

I wish to know too, why has C been chosen over C++.

With regard to programming prerequisites, the authors of the course state on the Google+ page:

“You will be taught everything you will need to know about C. Knowing C will of course help, but not knowing C will not hurt you either because we’ll teach it to you.”

Also, check the syllabus page.

For this course it’s necessary to obtain a microcontroller board that can be either a Stellaris LaunchPad or Tiva LaunchPad, check the link for the additional less important components.

> I wish to know too, why has C been chosen over C++.

Because almost everybody uses C for embedded systems “in the real world”.

Just like for any other target/application, C++ is dangerous if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing with it and into what kind of mess the compiler will turn your code into.

Thanks for posting this! Maybe I’ll have another crack at calculus - it might stick this time!

Thanks for the links and heads up. I’m not sure how I missed checking out the description and syllabus for this class but it looks pretty excellent and well within my abilities to try. I am a little hesitant to take this as well as Linear Algebra (also a UT Austin course) and Calculus. I will probably get the board a little late but it seems like I can do the simulated exercises until it arrives.