One voicecard louder at the mixer out


this is my first post in this forum. My names Benni, I’m from Germany and study music.
First I’d like to say thanks to Olivier for providing the full Ambika-kit with all components. I’m not very comfortable sourcing parts, so this was very convenient.
Sooo I’ve assembled all the things and I have a little problem. One voicecard ist way louder than the others at the mix output. I checked the voice outs and there are all levels of all voicecards roughly the same. The level of the five voicecards combined (mix out) is rather quiet, I have to crank my input to get enough signal. The one louder voicecards level (mix out) is nearly the same as from the voice outs.
I don’t know how to troubleshoot so I would be very grateful if somebody could help me.



I had the exact same problem. Check every solder point of the voice card. You probably have a weak solder point on one capacitor or a too long solder joint that touches another voice card. You can also reheat all solder joints :slight_smile:

Are they all the same type of voice card?

Check the part placement, it’s easy to mix up a 4.7k part with a 470R or 47K and brown, red, and orange sometimes can look the samme

Thanks for the fast responses. I checked the parts as you suggested.
And I just found the problem: I reversed the resistor network RN1.
Whats the best way to unsolder it?

Cut it in parts and put in a new one. You can also replace it by normal 10k resistors.