One problem solved, but still not quite working correctly

So now my Anushri makes sound and is playable, after identifying that my ICs 15 and 22 were switched, but some functions still don’t seem to work. The VCO range and detune knobs don’t affect the synth sound but perform their function with respect to the drums. The FM knob does nothing, and I don’t hear any noticeable effect from the VCO mod. The PW and pw mod seem to function though from the patches I’ve been working with they are subtle possibly just my inexperience with the Anushri or as a result from some of the VCO issues. So it seems to me a lot of the problem is based around the VCO. i’ve reflowed every contact, checked all the measurements with a multimeter, reinstalled the sysEx, and reset the unit. Any ideas? I do not have an Oscilloscope.

Have you tried VCO tuning (according to the manual, using the two trimmers), or to use software compensation ?

From the manual:
“Make sure that the Sync switch is at the Off position.
Hold the Hold button and press Run/stop. A short, faint arpeggio will be heard – this is the sound of Anushri trying to play several notes through the VCO and measuring their frequency in order to evaluate the VCO accuracy. After that, the VCO will be tuned.”

See if this helps …

PS: also check the ‘Master tune’ (press Clk/Kbd), perhaps ?

PPS: set the ‘Sub’ switch to DCO to test VCO detune

Interesting results.
Software compensation yielded a frozen Anushri that had to be switched off and on. tested it multiple times.
Master tuning works fine.
Manual tuning did nothing neither trimmer did anything.

I had attempted to auto tune before and I though it worked fine but obviously it does not.