One Power Supply to rule them all

I have two control boards and two filter boards (SM4 and CEM3379). Assuming the CEM 3379 is not counterfeit and everything works out when I chain them together, I was wondering how I would go about wiring them so that I could use one power supply and put multiple units in one housing.

Use a 600mA (or more) supply. Do not solder the DC jack on the second board. Connect the two grounds of the two boards ; and the unregulated power supply (for example on the SW pad for the on/off switch) pad of the two boards.

So it’s an additive thing with regards to current? If I wanted to chain 4 together I would just use a 1.2A supply?

And if you want to chain 8 together use 2 mm ^2^ wire!

Related question - if I had one digital board, but two filter boards (CEM and SS4), apart from the power supply sharing described above, what would be the cleanest way to connect both filters to the one control board? Are there “splitter” cables or connectors that I could use, to get the signals from the digital board to both filter boards at the same time?

I haven’t seen such connectors… It would be cool to design a small PCB with one row of 4 inputs, two rows of 4 outputs, and a digital switch between both.

But what if I wanted to have both active at the same time? In other words, will everything with the circuit be OK if I sent the signals coming from the digital board to 2 (or more) filter boards at the same time? I’m thinking that it would be kind of cool to have the outputs from multiple boards available at the same time…

Yes, no problem sending the signals to both boards at the same time.

Can they be stacked with the same header pins maybe only longer to share with the control board ? So the middle filter would have long pings soldered half way through to connect both boards?

That’s a good idea, might work!