One of the forthcoming MI modules. Qu'est-ce que c'est?

This was posted recently on the MI Facebook page - it is part of the PCB layout for a forthcoming MI module. Not a psycho killer, but it does appear to have at least 4 blinking lights, and an ARM Cortex processor judging by the crystal and what looks like a mini-JTAG header. And some push buttons and switches (an encoder?). Interesting that all the 0603 caps and resistors have been placed in a matrix at the top of the board, presumably to simplify automated SMD manufacture? Assuming this is “module 1” as described in Olivier’s FB post, additional clues are that it will be running DSP code which uses time-critical transcendental functions (that’s true of most DSP code, I suppose) and that it also contains significant analogue circuitry (part of which may be all those resistors and caps in the matrix at the top of the PCB) with requires a dual-ganged pot. Any conjectures as to the purpose and functions of the module-odule-dule-ule-le-e?

When I start a new project I draw the schematics first, and then do the board layout. When you create a board for the first time Eagle just puts all parts side by side - no way it’s going to be the final layout! And it would be impossible to route it this way given that related/connected parts are so far apart.

Ah, that makes sense. I was wondering why what appear to the be the sysboot and reset switches weren’t at the edge of the PCB…

So, we can see some linear op-amps, some audio op-amps, and a 595 latched shift register. And at least 12 jacks. The sysboot and reset switches are SW4 and 5, which suggests some more push buttons or encoders. Whatever it is, it isn’t trivial.

This would have been the worst layout design Olivier ever did. Impossible. :smiley: If I’m not wrong, it also doesn’t contain much more resistors and capacitors than e…g braids. You need them for voltage divider, all the chips, etc. :slight_smile: However he uses T-1 leds. A first in MI modules :smiley:

8 Jacks, 4 LEDs. Maybe 4 inputs and 4 outputs and the associated leds. Would love to know, if it’s module 1, 2 or 3 :smiley:

Here are some of the Specs:

  • It will make coffee
  • It can predict the next Eclipse
  • It has a display to show relative Moon Humidity
  • It runs on electricity so its has tax class EURO6 and will have a Green Umweltplakette
  • Knobs will be round - presumably
  • Jacks will be of a standardized Size according to some Standard
  • Gravity Bill for this i prepaid for the products whole Lifecycle
  • It smells not like lemongrass
  • Parts will be placed and soldered by Oompa Loompas

I’d get it if it did smell like lemongrass, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, sandalwood tree, hint of Camphor, basically anything but rotting stuff or Patchouli.

Oompah-loompah labor, I’m all for that!

I also heard that it either output audio, or some modulation signal.

“I also heard that it either output audio, or some modulation signal.”

That’s just ridiculous… One step too far down silly street if you ask me Jojjelito. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know. It’s far less likely that it will do that than make coffee :slight_smile: Sumimasen

It could still be a metering/tuning, or even video output module :smiley:

The MI Forum Video Browser Eurorack Module?

The MI Forum Video Browser Eurorack Module?

Or an input-only expander for an existing module :smiley:

Yes, yes, there is a Bluetooth chip and the DSP code outputs eight CVs by processing the signal from this.

Maybe something that oscillates?

I’m now convinced that it will derive modulation voltages, triggers and possibly audio frequency signals from the alpha, beta, delta, gamma and theta waves in your EEG. As you listen to the output of your patch, you become part of a feedback loop in it.

video output module?!

Or a leg-pulling module.

If it’s a video synth module I think it’s Todd time (no, not something from Scrubs):

Simian Mobile Disco already did it if you think this is remix material.

>Or a leg-pulling module.

MI had become so famous they are releasing fake modules for kicks! :open_mouth:

The finished SMT-respun boards for the Cyndustries Zeroscillator actually looked similar to this preliminary layout, with neat grids of SMT parts divided into blocks of ICs and passives…