One more Shruti-1 running!

got it running! works fine, now i’ll have to take a closer look at how it functions :slight_smile:
and i’ll definitely have a lil session here before i’ll try to upgrade the firmware.

merci beaucoup Olivier!

Great! Everytime a Shruti-1 boots to life, I feel so happy :smiley:

forgot all ur other bass synth :wink:

Bienvenue dans le vrai monde / welcome in da real world :smiley:

Make that TWO more Shruti-1’s running! Received my package yesterday, stuffed the boards last night, today did cable connections and found a suitable power supply. Worked straightaway - nice instructions Olivier!

Now have to figure out a temporary enclosure - I’ll be showing it at Analogue Heaven Northeast (near Boston) tomorrow - to whet the appetite’s of all the AH members! :slight_smile:

one very pleasant thing i have to mention about the layout of the pcb: besides the resistor leads i didn’t have to bend ANY component legs, and the resistor pads have the right distance to just bend them and put them through. this one has obviously been designed with regard to very easy assembly! awesome!


I showed off my finished-just-in-time Shruti at Analogue Heaven Northeast (AHNE) yesterday - lot’s of interest, and people commenting on how great it sounded (although it was tough to hear well, it was very loud and noisy!). There’s lots of people posting photos and likely video soon, but here are a few of the pics - check my cardboard box temporary enclosure (I screwed it to the box bottom using standoffs), and my paper spacer under the LED’s!

One more Shruti-1 buildt and tested , works perfect :slight_smile:

Perfect design and easy to build ,thanks for your brilliant work !

Now to build is the case , maybe aluminum or maybe composite :slight_smile: and then the “hack me” options .

Best regards from Sweden.