One last thing

I’m pretty sure that I lost a pad on the control board of my Shruthi (resonance where the boards connect). Filter resonance doesn’t seem to work. Can I just run a wire from top board to bottom board while still keeping the rest connected with the arduino headers?

Sure. Check the schematics to see if you got PIN 21 on the ATMega for Q like i deciphered (and measured :wink: ).
I would run the wire to the Connector so you dont have to solder/cut/unplug every time you disassemble the Boards.

Maybe you can better run a wire just on the control board to the pin of the header.

I would use a continuity tester to figure out where exactly the connection is broken.

Thanks guys! Looks like I have a repair day coming up…LXR is having some new issues with the USB port too.

LXR: Did you do the TapeTrick under the USB Connector??

Adm, you built an LXR?! Cool! One of these days you gotta give me a demo of that.

I love my LXR!

It was fantastic how “at home” I felt on my first noodlings on it. It has a natural flow for anybody used to the “MI way” of navigating synths.

I don´t have much experience with other drum synths (outside a monotribe) but I think that the LXR is super, and a lot has yet to be added to it´s feature set.

Yes I did the tapetrick. This seems to be a grounding problem…it power surged my computer and shut it down.