On/off switch between PSU and module?


I’ve recently noticed that many DIY synths (eg. Shuthri and Ambika) seem to lack an on/off switch, so I’m wondering if anyone knows of products which I could place near the module and from which I could handle the power input, I’d like to hear about them. I know taking the plug off the module isn’t much of deal, but a switch would be more handy. I’m building an Ambika in the near-future and I could of course just place a on/off switch at the rear of the module, but I don’t have an access to a power drill and I’m afraid I’d just chip the plastic enclosure…

And yes, I’m aware of power extension cords with power switches, but those are not what I’m looking for.

That’s what I use…
Since it’s not what you’re looking for, you’re looking at pretty much any switch ever… They can all handle the 9v dc that most modules want… :slight_smile:
Edits - those can be put inbetween the AC to DC adapter, and the module as well, if you don’t mind making an enclosure for the switch… Seems rather cumbersome, compared to installing the switch in the case, or a power extension cord with a switch(that would also save you some money, from the less-than-awesome power bricks’ idle power draw…

I went with the good old Kopp Duoversal:

First time I saw these were in some store in Kiel c:a 1989, I’m amazed they’re still going strong.

I would suggest you buy a custom back panel to accommodate the rectangular power switch from fcd72.

I have one such panel in my Ambika and think it is the best solution.