On first boot screen blue no message?

hello comunity !
I just finish the assembly of my first shruti-1
i follow the instruction step by step i pass the step 11 the del 3 and 7 are lighting so i pass on step 12 and solder the lcd screen
i read troubleshooting so i turn the r21 but he has no end i turn it more than 100 turns and nothing appear on the screen
So could anyone have an idea for me ???

Same old story…

Its in the Troubleshooting FAQ

The trimmers have no “End” because guys like you would break them :wink: , you will just hear a faint Click indicating the end of the Range. Try turning it the other Way. If this doesn’t work, try resolder the GND Pad of the Trimmer (the one far away from the Edge of the PCB).

Oh, do the LEDs change according to pressing Buttons?

problem solve i turn R21 back quarter by quarter it takes about 2 hour but i get it thx thx thx guys !
i think it was the start for me in diy, but project done in -24hours whit a great support of the member of this forum ! i think i try more than smr-4 next time i have already order 3 sidekick pcb i show you the result soon ;)))

Welcome to the ShruthiVersum™ !