Olivier Gillet made a nice presentation at the OSS conference fOSSa 2012 :-)

dear all!
Bonjour à tous!

A little message to tell you that Olivier will make a nice talk at the next fOSSa conference in lille, 4,5,6 december 2012 in Lille, France.
Come and meet him on the 5th :-)))

more info at: http://fossa.inria.fr/en/archives/2759

Olivier did a great presentation at the conference fOSSa… look at his slides, they are excellent

“Convergence des cultures DIY et de l’esthétique sonore 80s” by Olivier Gillet

great slides, seems like it was an excellent presentation!

really interesting slides - even without hearing Olivier Talk.

I wonder what those Ferrari vs. 2CV slides are about. Not so sleek but hackable?

On the first slide with the 2CV there is a girl. On the next slide she’s being driven off by a guy in a hacked 2CV. It must be a metaphor for something.

For the 2CV, I know what metaphor is about. I have the video of the talk. I will try to post it on youtube or framatube. see you soon :slight_smile:

nice. looking forward to watch it.

Another link to the slides

I hope the talk was video recorded. Too bad I couldn’t got to FOSSA (I’m from Lille).