Olimex AVRisp MkII make it work with mutable vagrant (Win10)

Hi all,
I’ve bought an Olimex avrispmkii programmer in order to work with mutable modules.I’ve already have a stlinkv2 which works flawlessly with the mutable vagrant VM but the avrisp is giving me trouble.I get the STK500 can’t connect to USB error…
I’m running avrdude 6.01.Which would be the recommended way to make it work with the mutable vagrant environment?
Should I perform the firmware update for avrdude as described in the olimex manual or just change the avrdude version to a 5.x inside the VM ?
Is there a comprehensive guide somewhere?

Just use 5.x or patch 6.x, as well as the fw upgrade.

Can I install avrdude 5.x from within the vagrant virtual machine?
Also, fw upgrade wouldn’t make the programmer unusable w/ Atmel Studio?

Yes you can install it in the vm. Just download the source, install the dependencies and compile it.

Changing the fw - see page 16 of the manual - ie it should be ok to use atmel studio and avrdude with same fw but not avr studio.

Edit: just realised I am answering your questions on mw as well…