OLED with non-standard second line address

There’s cheap OLED display I want to use with Shruthi.
It’s not pin to pin compatible replacement. Moreover it’s totally incompatible, but it has two big advantages: it’s 6.5 mm slim and it’s dirt cheap.
I got it to work with LXR today after three days of smoking datasheets and messing with initialisation commands.
It has non-standard second line addressing: 0xA0 (+20h) instead of 0xC0. So only first line is visible by default.
There’s no obvious second line settings in avrlib/devices/*display related stuff.

Olivier, I pray for you help!
I’m stuck!


Totally irrelevant : Doesn’t the LXR come with a OLED in the Kit?

+Annoying that this OLED only comes upside down & in yellow :frowning:

Awesome price though :slight_smile:

@pichenettes, maybe. Now need to deal with al this | and << signs.
Thank you!

@V`cent I don’t like kits :smiley: Round button caps available from ebay needs exact 8 mm space between PCB and frontpanel in case of 2-3 mm material thickness. This is the height of IC’s in sockets, pots and encoders but not LCD/OLED, so you have to cut those graceless frontpanel holes with LCD bezels sticking out the surface…
I love Altitude’s style - tidy rounded rectangular holes, transparent windows, all that things!