OLED source

Hi there,

it will be nice to share OLED sources with each other.
I have few but are there any cheaper places?




Also, you’ll find them at Mouser and DigiKey.

Yep, the last ones I got came from Mouser too. Mouser and Digikey both stock the Newhaven ones, but Mouser was a little cheaper last time I looked.

Yellow = NHD-0216KZW-AY5
Blue = NHD-0216KZW-AB5
Green = NHD-0216KZW-AG5
(Newhaven manufacturer part numbers, but work at Digikey, Mouser and perhaps others)

i just did the large format green newhaven in my custom case. it worked flawlessly… you have to watch the pin order though. at least on mine the pins werent 1>16 in order. it didnt affect my build, since it was all connected with .10 headers and jumpers anyway. i think i paid 29 usd chipped from jameco electronics for mine. since it was the larger format version.
heres a size reference in the 3U rack unit i did.

Awesome case, by the way!