OLED screen completely warped

Hi guys

so i tried to run this fix: http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/3455/oled-noise#Item_83

and once i installed the cap, turned it on (this is a shruthi XT) - the screen was basically all mad… just displaying all sorts of random gibberish.

removed the cap and the problem still seems to persist.

Any idea how i would trouble shoot this?

Does the sound still work normal?

i can give the sound a try… but i would have no idea what patch / settings im on due to lack of screen, but i can see if there’s any noise being produced, i’ll come back with my findings.

yes sound still works… cant tell you if its acting normal or not, as i dont see any parameters. but so far i loaded several patches and they all produce sound.

Well than we know your shruthi is working normal so the only problem is with the display.
There is probably a bad solder joint in the display connection or maybe a short due to a solder flake.

I have a feeling its a bit more than that, i checked the solder points they both look fine to me and I brushed off any excess with a toothbrush… still acting the same.

It could be any of the 20? Solder joints on the display. It could be that a solder joint is a bit bad and that because of taking it apart and working on it just went over the hill.

HI , why you want to have an OLED?? This gives more noise on the power rail and also on the Sound .It is the same with XT . Use a LCD and all works without noise. If you use a OLED , the noise increase. This on all filterboards . SMR4 only a little more - but more .
I have compare it direct with OLED and LCD .