OLED Display

So I am about to start building my programmer (thanks Frank). I want to make it as pretty as possible, so to that end, I want to put an OLED display on the digital board. Is this something anyone would recommend, or had done before? If so, which OLED is the best option, and would I need to do any modifications?

I have read somewhere that it can be difficult to get OLEDs with the same contact configuration and the supplied displays…

In any case you need a solid PSU, the OLEDs i have seen all post nasty spikes on the Power Rails:

OK, that’s not such good news. Perhaps I’ll stick with the LCD…

The OLED looks so much better it’s a win on walk-over…

+1 just some caps at the power pins. there is no comparison

Anyone know if there is an OLED which would fit an Ambika? I’ve been looking around but no joy so far…

No, but the Optrex LCD’s look super gravy.

Nope, Optrex STEP (Kyocera Display) LCDs is where it’s at for the moment on the 2x40 front.

+1 for that. They DO look good.


Anyone tried the white neg. version (white characters on dark background) yet, incidentally?


It looks good to my eyes. I’m travelling for the Holidays/X-mas/Yuletide/Kwanzaa/Hanukka/Festivus season, but there will be some nice pics during w0113 (doing projects much? Ed)

@Jojjelito Cool. I was worried it might look blue. Looking forward to seeing some photos of it.


@toneburst. Just finished the latest batch of SammichSID. It comes with an Optrex white neg. It looks great! It has a blue tinge to it but it’s very very slight.

There are some other threads around talking about OLEDS, and there are part numbers etc in them.
But i’ve used a couple of OLEDS in my Shruthi’s, and they work well and look superb.
The blue Newhaven one isn’t that blue, but looks nice regardless (good for 4PM in the white case). The yellow is nice and yellow (i used one in my 2p/delay Shruthi). I’ve not used a green one yet, but from picts i’ve seen, they look extremely green! Still nice though. And to date I don’t think any of us have seen a red OLED yet.
And if these things do produce spikes on the power rails, im yet to notice any side effects from it at all…

I second the blue Newhaven OLED. I used one for a guy who contacted me through the trusted builders. While it wasn’t blue like laup says, I think the shade of blue it is makes it easier on the eyes. I played with it for about a day before I shipped it off and I didn’t have any issues

Better take some snaps of teh ~Polivoks~ with a red Raystar OLED I bagged at ^Rapid^ as well when I’m back…

I used a VFD, no problems. Fitted a slightly bigger capacitor and used a switching regulator for the 5v line.