OLED Display compatability


Silly newbie question possibly but would this display be compatible with a Shruthi build and if so which resistor would i use at R20?(Blue grey black gold OR orange orange black silver … my kit originally came with the latter)


I know the price is silly but I have noticed it’s in stock for pick up over the counter and I would really love to get my shruthi up and running today.
Failing that is there a link for the official green LCD that usually comes with the kits (as mine got damaged by a 3rd party)


Price isn’t that bad. Make sure you get the variant with the pins in the right place (a single row of 16 pins, top left).

But note that some OLEDs have been known to cause crosstalk and noise in the audio.

Thanks for the info, gonna pop into maplins and check it out physically before i buy.

would I still need the resistor at R20 … if so which one?

> would I still need the resistor at R20


After reading some of the posts regarding noise when using OLED and the fixes required I think i would probably be out of my depth trying to use one … probably not a good idea to risk it as im already on my 2nd attempt at building (messed up my first)

so now my next issue is to find a suitable LCD … spotted this one



Im guessing I would need a resistor for these though ?

apologies for what must be silly questions … im just very wary of making another mistake

the kitronik part is from the same supplier as the ones I supply with the kit, so you can use the same resistor value.

the hobbytronics site doesn’t mention any information that would allow me to figure out the right resistor value. You could start by 100 and half it until you are satisfied with the brightness.

I’ve used white on blue LCDs and while they look nice they are a little slow. It’s not that much of a problem, but when your Shruthi receives a note from MIDI it shows a note on the screen. I found that on white on blue LCDs I couldn’t see it.

The first one would be simpler.

Ah great stuff … thanks Olivier I will order the kitronik part

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: