Oldies getting some support again (Ensoniq TS, TR-909, Alpha Juno, Roland JX-8P, ...)

I just saw that there’s an ongoing Kickstarter that will recreate SCSI cards for the Ensoniq TS-series: http://rosinsmoke.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/kickstarter-now-live-for-the-sp-4/

Also, there’s a guy in Gothenburg who’s proposing to make multi-bank versions of old roland cartridges like M-16C and M-64C (Google translate from Swedish)

It’s nice that the pool of people who can tackle these kinds of challenges is growing and all kinds of projects are underway. Some are correcting old and underpowered synths like the P600 and Matrix 1000, others are looking at providing expansions for old hardware. These days you can substitute modern displays, FDD emulators, SCSI to SD card readers, memory expansions like there’s no tomorrow. Good times!

yeah, been seeing more and more of it. There is a guy in australia with a sdcard to scsi2 project