Older documentation and parts

I just got my first shruthi and it’s just great! My only issue is that it looks like this is a v0.5 version and not the latest. This being said, there is little documentation or parts for this version. Before I go and start modding out a case for my new baby I was wondering if anyone had a case to sell or if there were any documents for bulding one? I might just be wishful thinking but I figured I could post here for starts.

Jon Pyre, Orbitalgun studios.

When you say 0.5, do you mean PCB version, or firmware version?
If PCB, very little was changed between .5 and the later .7, so there is really nothing to be concerned about there.

If firmware, then it sounds more like you have a Shruti, rather than a Shruthi. Similar, but different! Particular so with the case.
Info for the older Shruti is here, incase that is what you needed: http://mutable-instruments.net/shruti1/home

Thanks for the link, it was just what I was looking for.

You are correct; this is a Shruti and not a Shruthi. :slight_smile:

Consider yourself even luckier - you have the original Mutable Instrument!

Well that’s an added bonus.

On to my next query,

Since the Shruti is so easy to program I am twiddling though variations of sounds very quickly.
I’ve found several worthy settings I would love to document.

Is there a way to capture settings to a sysex file or something?

BTW this is firmware v0.53

From the manual

“Whenever you save a patch, it is also transmitted to the MIDI out, as a SysEx block. You can record this into your favorite sequencer and replay it back.”

For example SysEx librarian on OS X, or Elektron’s C6.

the earliest i’ve found is 0.54
in that case it would be well worth it to upload the latest firmware, version 0.59

Or alternately, get it from here .

Yes, I got that from the manual too. I happen to use windows though, so I still need an soft ware editor.

I got sysex dump and write going with midiox, so I can save patches now.

I’m considering firmware update to v0.59, as it looks like there were alot of bugs ousted from the earlier versions

Is there a comprehensive list of changes?

Elektron’s C6 is available for windows too.

The Shruti spits out everything it receives to the MIDI out port, so it’ll cause feedback in some setups. Since it won’t send anything more than what it receives (at the exception of saved SysEx), you rarely need to hook the MIDI out back to the computer - the out is more like a “thru” to chain another synth/module.

So I tried to update firmware to v0.59 and thought I bricked my kit…

But was able flash it thru midi when I went direct from the computer using C6 at 250 buffer delay. Is there anyway to get back to previous versions now that I’ve taken the plunge?
I couldn’t really find solid documental how to get back to factory settings.

Also, I was considering flashing through my Arduino but I couldn’t quite make that out either.

It turns out my midi splitter was stealing data packets

but BTW thanks very very much for all your advise and suggestions. They really help me and I still think this kit is fantastic.

There are some Shruti-1 firmware files here

As long as you can bring the MIDI transfer mode you haven’t bricked anything. Try a slower transmission speed.